Instagram’s upcoming AI tool is eagerly anticipated

Are you interested in how Instagram uses artificial intelligence tools to enhance the user experience? Instagram has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, and growing interest in generative AI technology is no exception.

Instagram’s recent development focus has been on Threads, but they continue to work on incorporating generative AI elements. The move was promised by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who highlighted a month ago:

“We’ve seen some truly incredible breakthroughs in generative AI over the last year, which gives us the opportunity to take this technology now, drive it forward, and build it into every one of our products.”

Instagram's upcoming AI tool is eagerly anticipated
Some of the upcoming Instagram AI tools will dramatically change the user experience (Image source)

Meta has already begun to dabble in this concept, introducing generative AI tools for creating ads. Instagram is also developing similar AI tools for everyday users, which you’ll soon see in your IG feed.

Instagram AI tool will change the face of the app

We thank Alessandro Paluzzi for sharing these AI tools that Instagram is currently developing:

Generate AI stickers

Instagram is developing a generative AI sticker creation tool. Initially noted in testing in May, the AI ​​tool will allow users to create custom graphics for Instagram posts and stories based on text prompts. This feature supports in-stream visual AI creation, which can be added to any Instagram post.

story editor

Instagram also plans to roll out visual editing tools. These AI tools will allow users to delete or replace parts of uploaded content during the creation process. Currently, there are two aspects to this feature. “AI Brush” allows users to replace parts of an image, using generative AI to fill in the gaps. The “Restyle” feature allows users to reconstruct portions of an uploaded image using text prompts. For example, if you want a different background, you can add a description of the settings you want. You can also replace specific elements with AI-generated alternatives.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Like Snapchat’s My AI chatbot tool, Instagram is experimenting with integrating a new conversational interface into your direct messages (DMs). This AI chatbot can be activated in a regular DM thread by entering @ai in the chat field. You can then ask it questions about dinner recommendations, current movies, or random trivia – all within the chat thread.

DM Summary

Message snippets are another innovative AI tool Instagram is developing. If reading an entire DM feels cumbersome, this tool can summarize your message, saving you time. However, as more interactions on IG shift toward DMs, it remains to be seen whether AI systems can fully understand the context of each DM.

Information about Instagram Standouts is somewhat limited, but judging from the image shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, it’s clear that it regularly “celebrates” when friends interact and participate in shared activities.


Instagram is also focusing on transparency in generating AI content by adding tags. These tags will tell the AI ​​when to create the image. As shown in the example, visuals created using Meta’s own generative AI tools will be tagged accordingly. Meta also encourages creators to add an “AI created” tag to posts uploaded from other tools.

Given the rapid development of generative artificial intelligence, these labels can play a vital role in maintaining transparency. However, there will undoubtedly be people who will try to get around these labels, hoping to fool people with artificial intelligence-created visuals.

The progress and future of generative AI on Instagram

At first glance, the introduction of these new generative AI tools, such as chatbots and visual creation tools, may seem a bit mundane. Especially when these tools often produce visual effects that look a little strange. However, it’s important to remember that we are only beginning to understand what is possible with generative AI. So we probably won’t see anything more advanced for a while.

Instagram's upcoming AI tool is eagerly anticipated
Are you excited about Instagram’s upcoming AI tools (Image source)

However, these developments can be fascinating. The true measure of the potential of generative AI lies in what artists can create with these tools and how they can be used to design unique, human-centered art forms. While it may seem contradictory, the essence of artworks lies in their connection to human experience. AI tools can replicate aspects of this connection, but often lack depth, making them seem a bit bland.

However, as AI tools evolve, so will our applications of them. That’s why integrating them into platforms we regularly use, like Instagram, is a crucial first step.

As of now, Instagram hasn’t revealed when these features will be released, but we can expect to see more AI features incorporated into our IG feeds in the near future.

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