iOS 17 new features make your life easier

The new iOS 17 features will bring a series of exciting updates to iPhone users. As Apple prepares to release this highly anticipated update, here’s how to get your device ready:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to General.
  • Select Software Update to start the installation process.

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What’s new in iOS 17?

Stay tuned as we review the key new iOS 17 features you can see on your iPhone, with more enhancements expected later this year.


StandBy introduces a full-screen view designed to display important information from a distance while your iPhone is charging. The feature is customizable, making it perfect for a nightstand, kitchen counter or desk, and can display various elements such as a clock, calendar, weather forecast and music controls. This is especially useful for iPhone models with always-on displays, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, to further enhance functionality.

personal voice

Personal Voice offers an excellent solution for preserving your voice for the future. Particularly beneficial for individuals at risk of losing their voice due to degenerative diseases, this feature allows users to create and securely store a copy of their own voice, giving users peace of mind.

contact poster

Imagine seeing a personalized poster every time a specific contact calls you, that’s what the Contact Poster feature does. This new iOS 17 feature, available through the built-in Phone app and soon in third-party calling apps, lets you customize your posters with photos or Memoji, as well as fonts and background colors.

screen distance

Eye health is a growing concern, and iOS 17 addresses this issue with Screen Distance. This feature is designed to reduce eye fatigue for all ages, with a special focus on reducing the risk of myopia in children. Setup is simple and anyone can easily use it.

All of these new iOS 17 features demonstrate Apple’s continued commitment to improving the user experience. Whether it’s delivering information at a glance through standby or preserving your voice through Personal Voice, these enhancements are designed to make our digital lives more convenient and enjoyable.

name removal

NameDrop is one of the interesting new features in iOS 17. This feature simplifies the process of sharing contact information by simply bringing two iPhones close to each other. Users can choose the details they want to share and can also add their contact poster for a more personalized experience.

iOS 17 new features
NameDrop simplifies the process of sharing contact information by simply bringing two iPhones close together (Image source)

Live voicemail

Live voicemail is another new feature in iOS 17 that enhances the calling experience. It provides real-time transcription when someone leaves you a voicemail, allowing you to answer the call when it’s important. It adds extra convenience by automatically rejecting spam calls identified by your carrier.

Swipe to reply in iMessage

“Swipe to Reply” in iMessage is a new feature in iOS 17 that makes text interactions smoother. You can swipe right on any message to send an inline reply, making it easier to manage conversations.

interactive gadgets

Interactive widgets are one of the most versatile new features in iOS 17. They can be placed on the home screen, lock screen, and new standby view. These widgets are not just display items; They allow you to do things like mark reminders as complete or control music playback.

Automatically remove 2FA codes

Simplifying security, the ability to automatically delete 2FA codes after use is also one of iOS 17’s useful new features. This feature not only keeps your message inbox clean but also adds a layer of security.

Every new feature in iOS 17 is designed to enrich your iPhone experience in a unique way. Whether you want to easily share contact information or manage your home devices directly from interactive widgets, iOS 17 offers features tailored to make your digital life more secure and convenient.

Improved autocorrect

Improved autocorrect is one of the new features in iOS 17 designed to enhance your typing experience. It has sophisticated language models for word prediction and auto-correction. The updated design briefly highlights autocorrect words, allowing you to quickly revert any changes, and it learns your typing habits over time.

Link tracking protection

Link tracking protection is another noteworthy addition among the new iOS 17 features, which is focused on privacy. This feature prevents websites and apps from tracking your online behavior without your explicit consent, complementing Apple’s already robust app tracking transparency features.

Offline Apple Maps

Offline use of Apple Maps is one of the most anticipated new features of iOS 17. This brings Apple Maps closer to Google Maps, allowing you to download specific map areas for offline use, and providing turn-by-turn navigation and place lookup capabilities even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

shared password

The ability to securely share passwords through iCloud Keychain Vault is also a new feature in iOS 17. It further simplifies password management by allowing users to create shared vaults to seamlessly share passwords with anyone or any group.

The new features of iOS 17 continue Apple’s tradition of balancing convenience, functionality and security. Whether you’re keen on more accurate typing or enhanced privacy measures, iOS 17 offers a wide range of features designed to provide a better user experience.

sticker drawer

The sticker drawer is an interesting addition to the new iOS 17 features. This drawer consolidates all your stickers, including animated stickers, emojis, Memoji, and iMessage sticker packs, into one accessible location. Live stickers can be created dynamically by touching and holding objects in your photos.

iOS 17 new features
In the new iOS 17 feature, the phrase “Hey Siri” has been simplified to “Siri” (Image source)


To make voice commands more streamlined, the phrase “Hey Siri” has been simplified to “Siri” in the new iOS 17 feature. This change applies to a variety of Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod and the latest AirPods Pro. The best part? You can issue multiple commands in succession without repeating the activation phrase.

The sticker drawer and shortened Siri commands both illustrate how iOS 17 improves the user interface and experience. Whether you want to customize chats or streamline voice commands, these new iOS 17 features offer improved functionality and ease of use.

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